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teatr sabat
22.09.2018 THE BEST OF SABAT
28.09.2018 WORLD HITS


LIFE IS A STAGE is an artistic reflection on the values of human existence, illustrated by the greatest musical hits. Love, passion, envy, despair and the desire to be successful are some of the emotions depicted in the great stage versions of world music such as, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, ‘Grease’, ‘Hair’, ‘Cabaret’, ‘Chicago’, ‘Cats’, ‘Fame’ and ‘Dream Girls’. Compositions from these shows make up the spectacle which proves that the greatest works of art always mirror human destiny and depict the realities of life.

The spectacle is performed with great energy. The Sabat Theatre lineup, over 30 artists, takes part in the event – actors, singers and dancers. More than 300 varied and eye catching costumes are being prepared for the show. The musical background will consist of over 40 recorded songs and compositions illustrating dancing scenes, carefully arranged and produced specially for the event. The stage equipment of the Theatre has been augmented by up to date technology enabling multimedia projections which are an integral part of the spectacle. Małgorzata Potocka, the creator and director of the Sabat Theatre, wrote the script, designed the costumes and is the principal director. Joanna Jaszkowska, the Theatre’s musical director, is responsible for the musical content of the show.

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