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26.04.2018 THE BEST OF SABAT
27.04.2018 WORLD HITS
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‘LOVE AND ANNA GERMAN’ - a performance of music - a variety show dedicated to this wonderful, charismatic singer, Anna German.

From among the rich repertoire of the unforgettable songs of Anna German we have selected the most popular and distinctive songs from the respective periods of the singer’s compilation.

Anna German brought lyrics of beauty, colour, and lightness to Polish song. Her music is filled with hope and faith and a great love for mankind giving the texts a great literary value. In combination with the wonderful music they create beautiful images of an artistic vision. The songs of Anna German are a timeless episode in the history of Polish song writing. For this we have created a spectacle reminiscent of these masterpieces in new musical arrangements by the musicians of the Viva Ivo orchestra led by Paul Lipski, together with a performance of contemporary ballet choreography by Anita Klimecka and Margaret Potocka. The outstanding performers participating are, dazzling Anna Sokołowska - Theatre Sabat star, winner of numerous vocal competitions and Iwo Orlowski - star of the Polish and European musical stage.

In creating this performance we hope that you, like us, will come to love the unique and wonderful songs of Anna German which will linger in the memory of Polish and world culture for many years to come.

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