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teatr sabat
22.09.2018 THE BEST OF SABAT
28.09.2018 WORLD HITS


“Miłość.com” [“Love.com”] is a contemporary variety show that tells the story of a man who falls in love with a girl he met on the Internet. He does not know, however, that she is a virtual being. Madly in love, he decides to find her. The main protagonist believes that she is a real woman and most importantly become the love of his life. He begins his dancing-and-musical journey through a world full of adventures, thrills and unusual incidents. And all this accompanied by the sound of hit songs and excellent, contemporary choreography, beautiful costumes and a multimedia-aided stage design. The story will make the audience consider the following question - can one find true love in today's world, filled with electronic devices, virtual reality and high-tech?
As the virtual woman Natalia Siwiec/ Barbara Guzik
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