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26.04.2018 THE BEST OF SABAT
27.04.2018 WORLD HITS
28.04.2018 WORLD HITS
03.05.2018 WORLD HITS


The Best of Sabat 15th Anniversary Gala Come with us into a world full of timeless songs, great shows, to a world of great emotions. The 15th Anniversary Gala of the Sabat Theatre is a review of all the best and well known songs by prominent and popular celebrities, artists and dancers. During The Best of Sabat you will hear the songs of Czeslaw Niemen, Anna German, Frank Sinatra, Cher and Celine Dion. You will feel the atmosphere of Broadway dance, colourful Vegas, sensual Moulin Rouge and you will lose yourself in a Warsaw dream. The Ballet Show, the cancan, more than 200 beautiful, colourful costumes. All this under the direction of the Queen of Polish Revue – Malgorzata Potocka.
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